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  • GRA Certified Moissanite Best Quality D VVS1 Radiant Cut 2.00ct 6×8 LS1165

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  • GRA Certified Moissanite Best Quality D VVS1 Marquis Cut 3.00ct 7×14 LS1160

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  • GRA Certified Moissanite Best Quality D VVS1 Heart Cut 0.30ct 4mm LS1140

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  • moissanite diamonds

    GRA Certified Moissanite Best Quality D VVS1 6.00ct 12.00mm LS013

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Moissanite jewelry is well-known around the world and is regarded as an artifact in international markets, commanding a premium price due to its intricacy and design. Jewelry holds a special place in customs and rituals, with hundreds of different styles to suit a wide variety of tastes. Grey moissanite is frequently confused with diamonds. It’s a beautiful gemstone, completely colorless and with a distinct sheen. 

The harder it is to scratch a material, the tougher it is. Moissanite gemstone ranks 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, trailing only diamond (10) as the hardest material on the planet. Moissanite has more brightness than diamonds in general; it has more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone, which means it has more sparkle since it is doubly reflective and is also cut differently than diamonds to accentuate the glitter. Moissanite is not a diamond copy; rather, it is a distinct type of gemstone that resembles a diamond. With this precision, we provide Moissanite jewelry as well as loose stone studs at a reasonable price.

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or searching for a perfect gift for a loved one from your first salary, rose cut moissanite jewelry is the ideal fail-safe choice.